The S+E Projekt team sitting at a table and talking

We are based on collective work
and shared knowledge

The People Behind S+E Projekt

You want to hear more about us? Well then here is a little story about how S+E Projekt came into existence. As is so often the case, you get to know your best buddies and project partners during your training, and that’s how our story began too. Those two buddies we are speaking of are Martin and Stefan. Even though we parted ways after school, our hobbies and passion for the Bavarian and Austrian alps (especially diving into freezing cold lakes) brought us back together many times. We were always accompanied by one thought: we wanted to offer people the highest possible comfort and above all joy for technology. Since then we have been united by our curiosity and passion for this exciting field not only in our leisure time, but also within our work at S+E Projekt.

Image of S+E Projekt founder Martin Strahl

Martin Strahl

Let’s be brief: Having grown up in a small town in the Erzgebirge mountains with the desire for a secure future in Munich, I took the classic path into professional life. This led from the trainee to the project manager to the trainer. On top of my career there was later the business economist. I find the balance to my job on 2 or 4 wheels, with or without engine – preferring outside with friends.

Image of Stefan Eglseder

Stefan Eglseder

Well, some interesting facts about me: I was born and raised in Bavaria. After school I completed my apprenticeship as an electronics technician for building services engineering . Afterwards I made my first steps in the area of Smart Home. After a few exciting years with lots of audio, video and lighting control, I went to master school and met my current business partner Martin. The idea to start a business on our own grew over the years. 2010 we decided that we gained enough experience and knowledge: the S+E Projekt GmbH was born.