The Café Kunsthalle in the FÜNF HÖFE in Munich has been completely redesigned and welcomes you in a new guise under the name Theatiner 8.

Meeting room with a big, round table in the middle

Town Hall

Relocation of the town hall and registry office of the municipality of Hausham and hereby integration of a brand-new and state of the art building automation system.

System solutions implemented in a conference room

Coworking, Meetings & Events

Coworking at the Brucklyn Hall is a unique experience, not only because of its bright colored and artful design but also its high-end technology equipment. Some of the highlights are the Presentation Stairs and the Dining Lounge with built-in ceiling camera for filming cooking events.

Modern bar with big blue tiles

Factory Restaurant

The Mangfallblau factory restaurant captivates with its unique ambience and relaxed atmosphere. The complete media and light installation was made visible to accompany its factory-like charme. The entire lighting, sound and video projection is controlled via a central touch panel.

Modern livingroom with modern backlighting

Single-Family Home

This unique project shows how beautifully modern technology and unique furniture design complement each other. The design of the media furniture and thee woodwork has been realised in cooperation with our partner dsignSolutions.

Livingroom with big canvas screen

Home Cinema

This showcase demonstrates how technology can be implements in a way that you won’t see any cables, speakers and such. By using invisible components, this living space always looks tidy and elegant. Thus the room can be used by the entire family in various ways.

Big modern conference room

Commercial Law Firm

Redesign of the conference floor of thee Arnecke Sibeth Dabelstein law firm with reception area, various meeting rooms and a conference room. One of the highlights is the digital whiteboard in the reception area, where you can find all partners and employees in Munich.

Entrance area of a art museum


The Kunsthalle in Munich welcomes around 300,000 guests annually and is one of the leading exhibition venues in Germany. We act as a full-service provider for the museum and take care of all electrical and media technology issues.